Air Hoses Goodyear Rubber RED 250# 3/8" x 50' - USA

Air Hoses Goodyear Rubber RED 250# 3/8" x 50' - USA

Brand: Goodyear
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Air Hoses Goodyear Rubber RED 250# 3/8" x 50' - USA


Industrial Goodyear air hoses are made of heavy duty rubber tube.  All are made with an oil resistant cover available in black, red or yellow rubber.  All our rubber heavy duty air hoses resist weather, abrasion and cracking and are flexible and virtually kink proof.  Our Goodyear air hosesare ideally suited for professional air supply requirements up to 250psi.  These high pressure industrial air hoses include machine brass fittings that are crimped on for strong connections. These air hoses are ideal for auto shops, construction companies, agriculture, etc. Try these durable air hoses today!


  Industrial grade Goodyear air hoses are heavy duty and long lasting - Made in USA.

  • 3/8" x 50' heavy duty air hose.
  • Industrial grade red rubber tube.
  • Oil resistant cover.
  • Resists weather abrasion and cracking.
  • Flexible and virtually kink proof.
  • Ideally suited for professional air supply requirements 250psi.
  • Temperature range:-40° Fto 190° F(-40° Cto 88° C)
  • Machine brass fittings that are steel banded on securely.
  • Coupled male x male with long ferrules and barb fittings.
  • Ideal for construction, agriculture, auto shops, etc.
  • Made in USA.

*Please call for custom sizes*


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