4" x .060 x 20mm, 7/8", 5/8" Pearl P4 Diamond Blade - Porcelain Tile

4" x .060 x 20mm, 7/8", 5/8" Pearl P4 Diamond Blade - Porcelain Tile

Brand: Pearl Abrasives
Product Code: DTL04HPXL
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Pearl 4" x .060 x 20mm, 7/8", 5/8" - P4 Porcelain Tile Cutting Diamond Blade



Pearl Abrasive's diamond saw blades feature an exclusive mix of industrial high quality diamond and metal powders that create these excellent long lasting diamond blades.  These blades are made with hot pressed technology which produces a consistent density of segments and rims that holds up to the toughest applications. These saw blades are ideal for porcelain, hard tile, ceramic tile, stone and granite applications. Try these Pearl Abrasive diamond saw blades today!


  • 4" x .060 x 20mm, 7/8", 5/8" - Porcelain Tile
  • High Diamond Concentration creating a long lasting and increased efficiency blade.
  • Directly Sintered
  • 8mm diamond rim height with a steel core and prietary diamond bond.
  • MAX RPM: 13,700
  • Dry Cutting

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