Band Saw Blades Bi-Metal Portable - 44 7/8 x 14TPI (Pack of 5)

Band Saw Blades Bi-Metal Portable - 44 7/8 x 14TPI (Pack of 5)

Brand: MK Morse
Product Code: 44414
Availability: In Stock

Band Saw Blades Bi-Metal Portable - 44 7/8" x 14 tpi - Made in USA



The MK Morse premium Master Cobalt bi-metal portable band saw blades offers variable pitch teeth, which reduces vibration when cutting, allowing for a broad range of materials to be cut.  They offer high heat, wear and shock resistance which are great for cutting machinable metals. Bi-metal band saw blades feature Matrix II cutting edges giving them the longest possible life compared to any competitive blades. These Master Colbalt bi-metal band saw blades are used on machinable metals such like stainless steel, pipe, tubing, and solids.


  • Band Saw Blades Master Colbalt Bi-Metal Portable - 44 7/8" x 14 tpi
  • QTY: 5

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